Winners Toastmasters Club Mangalore installation Prayer – 2021

This is our prayer to thee O Lord, from the outgoing team of office bearers

Lord, today we pass the baton
‘Coz it’s time to say goodbye,
and naturally, there’s both regret and relief
combined in our sigh.
Leadership is not exclusive; and that’s your revolutionary design
Its evolution that is permanent, and we have no need to cry
And so, Lord, with joy, we pass the baton

Lord, today we pass the baton
Our magic wand in the year gone by
The wand was ours, the magic yours,
it touched our lives, just as it did, the life of Pi.
And we are grateful Lord, for this accomplished year
that in a jiffy, just whizzed by
But it’s never ever over Lord, is it? at least not till we die
And so, Lord, today we pass the baton.

Lord, today we pass the baton
You handed us, and we firmly grasped, despite our salty mood
It was as clear as night from day, you never did forsake us,
And the virus, it could not have mis understood.
We innovated, we annotated, we spoke, and we bespoke
We scored our goals, and all together,
we hatched the egg’s yolk!
We gave it our all, we conquered the mile
with some food, what’s good, and a ready smile
And that’s how Lord, we preserved the baton

Lord, today we pass the baton
that helped us laugh, and occasionally sigh
even as you saw to it, that as winners,
we’d never be shy.
Sometimes we would fight, and then make light.
It’s all your design,
you are just, and soooo divine
but now that you’ve given us a sign
We must Lord, pass the baton.

And in reply this is our prayer to thee O lord from the incoming team

Lord Today, as we receive the baton
We notice something strange; there’s an extra pair of hands
Holding it for us, in between
We realize they are yours Lord; and that’s what makes us keen…
It’s easy on us Lord, you’ve already made it light,
and as we go along Lord, we are sure you will enlight
We will fulfil your plans; We’ll put up a great show
Our promise is to delight
Lord, with your support, we receive the baton

Lord Today we receive the baton
It marks your presence; we can see it.
And our members,
When they listen, when they speak, they can feel it.
and they’ll always know
their expectations and their hopes are not dying embers.
So, for all our endeavours, we ask you Lord,
for your holy spirit – we need it
It’s with your blessings Lord, we receive the baton

Lord today we receive the baton
Our Paths will zoom, as our destines loom
And with your blessings Lord, our voices will boom
and dispel the pandemic’s gloom.
Ahead lies an eventful year,
with goals to achieve and points to score,
but we mustn’t tear,
You made us Winners, through pathways and dinners
Through Competitions and Conferences, you helped us unfear
And so Lord, today we trust, and receive the baton

We’ve made our exhortations of thanksgiving and supplication
And you’ll answer them too like you always do.
But there’s the rest of the hand over and a TM year
that we’ve yet to run through; Bless those too.
Time’s running out, so Lord let’s leave it here,
Just wanna say
it’s comforting to know, that Lord, you are near
When we receive the baton

God Bless all of us!