A Cheat Sheet for Life!

I was not surprised, but mildly amused at the number of democratic nations and not so democratic nations leaders that flew halfway across the world in their special jets to garner a moment’s video opportunity, and speak about terrorism, climate change and very subtly the threat of China to the modern democratic world which anyway is becoming as intolerant in a very genteel way as China itself. In a nutshell, take Pangaa at the UNGA! But then tolerance is a bad word. It means compromise, a suppression rather than a giving up of beliefs that are inimical to harmony and must not be tolerated beyond a point!

I was amused because, despite the availability of a number of virtual options for optics, they decided they must compound the negative effect on the ozone layer and add to their frequent flyer miles which had taken a beating in the last two years – it was the virus that took over the traveling – without changing the climate, and in fact controlling it on the ground too through its lockdowns and limited gatherings. But it was time to get those toys back in the air and flying – can’t have them rusting away now can you – too much of money invested. The price of fuel too  was of no consequence. All you have to do to cover up the extra burden is add a cess to the pool, and you will have a cesspool!

You thought that was the icing on the cake? Maybe, but what took the cake and walked out with it – and left you with the icing – is the 6 lakhs (cost to the Company) Blue tooth chappals complete with micro earpieces made especially for cheating at exams!  And, who were they offered to? Teachers who were taking their teachers’ eligibility exam for any one of the 31,000 government teacher posts in Rajasthan! And the media reports that some even bought them to use. The Government even resorted to suspending SMS and mobile internet for the duration of the exams, much like when there is a riot or a security situation on hand, and still lost out. No wonder, we Indians head most of the tech giants in the world except Apple. We like our apple whole, not half bitten!

It’s the new cheat sheet, a word which had forgotten its traditional moorings and is now used to describe short notes made for quick reference, but has thankfully returned to its heritage, albeit in a more modern avatar. How can we get a job without cheating? Especially when the consequences of not getting a job – that too a government job – are immense and hang over your head like the sword of Damocles? It’s mighty sharp too, and currently, for many if not most, it hangs right above the tallest hair on your head. And if bald, well it’s that much closer!

So, is it ok to cheat and win when times are tough and likely to get tougher? That’s a million-dollar question – for which the answer can be found in your earpiece that is connected to your conscience. You may sleep easier, but what if there is nothing to sleep on? That is the dilemma, that Emma faced with her dill day in and day out as she studied for the exam, and believed she would fail because she feared her memory. It was so bad, that she didn’t remember where she had kept the notes she wrote as the tutor dictated them at the coaching center the previous day. Then along came a chance at sure success. Money was no object when it could easily be made up afterward – how she was not sure, but she would find a way – coaching, like she was being coached for success was a good idea perhaps.  So, beg, borrow, or steal, he/she would find a way to ensure she succeeded – and she almost did, but there were connectivity issues!

Somebody said there is a larger issue here, not just the attempt to cheat. Cheating is ok and expected as everyone wants to get ahead of the game, at least in the immediate future. But teachers? Is it not a case of the pot calling the kettle black? Come on, let’s not be discriminatory; they have the same issues or non-issues that all of us have – All they have extra is a teacher’s day once a year when most of their students sit around  Teachers (bottle of)! All they are looking for is a chance to Teach us. And we should give it to them – when they conduct the exams, they will be very strict – they will know the loopholes in the soles!

But how do you get through exams without cheating? That’s what we hope our teachers will teach us. We are learning all the wrong methods, but not from the teachers, but from the media. So, is the media at fault then? for giving us options? with out of the slipper thinking? or is it the system itself at fault? A system that says that a government job is secure for life, no matter how you perform… (why should it?) and its pay is often more than the private sector at the same level. As you go up the ladder though, the relationship becomes inverse and brings with it the desire to shift tracks.  Sometimes co-existence in the teaching fraternity in the same college becomes difficult as some get double the salaries as a “govt vacancy” appointee as compared to a “Management Vacancy” appointee! But co-exist they must as existence itself is at stake. Else be burnt at the stake!

In the end, though, you can’t really draw up a cheat sheet for life – it is a life that cheats you regularly and that’s why maybe new cheat sheets emerge from time to time – to help you stay ahead of any game it plays or new rules it sets for you.  New cheat sheets will emerge with time for this reason alone – but don’t keep watching this space until next week same day same time!  Then keep your blue tooth earpiece on!


This Article is written in a lighter vein. It hopes to bring a smile to your face, and you must not ascribe motives to its contents. There is no connection to events and characters in real life and if perchance you find a connection with any such real-life event or character, rest assured it’s purely coincidental.

Image by Okta_Aderama_Putra

Is your birthday your own?

Last week I had occasion to enjoy my birthday again – A WhatsApp group that I was a part of dedicated a whole day to me – my pics – old and new – there was even an mp4 collage which showed me aging (and engaging) well – were all over the group, and the wishes for many reruns of the day in future were flowing. Some even mentioned my contributions to the group which were, in the eyes of some in the group – I could count them on my fingers – negligible, but in the eyes of others – tremendous; just by being the chief admin of the group which I had been for some time now though the group had been founded by someone else. After I took over, many in the group felt that I had moulded it in my own image – a strong single minded but aging one – which I believed was the best for the group!

It was not my birthday – someone had got it wrong – and even if it was, I wondered why it was being celebrated in such an elaborate manner on the group. Certainly, I didn’t want it. But I allowed it because it made me feel good. I loved the reassuring lies that were spewed ad nauseum and preferred them over the inconvenient truth – that my birthday was not my own. When so many people said I deserved the celebrations, I thought to myself: I must have done something good  and let the day run its course.

At the end of the day, I was left with no option but to render a real tearjerker of a vote of thanks – one that promised more of nothing but beautifully and dutifully said. I must keep the group happy at all costs! 

That done, I reflected on Birthdays in general – do we have a right to celebrate it at all? And if we don’t, do others whom we know have a right to celebrate ours with or without our consent? After all, it’s a western tradition that we must shun because it does not flow from our heritage and our heritage is greater than the sum of all other heritages.

But also, because our birth is not of our own making is it? Think about it. My parents may not about it; did they or didn’t they? We come into the world due to the efforts of others, not our own, not at a time or their or our choosing, and then we are given everything we think is our own today – Our name, our religious persuasion, our personality – at least the highlights, our nationality,  our community, and even our homes! and how we fight for the right to keep them. We make them all our own and revel in their glorification – sometimes we do it ourselves – either overtly or subtly (much like the contents of this column) through others!

Often we do believe (because we are often told so) that we are God’s gift to the world – a wrapped gift like one from the secret Santa – which when unwrapped provides for many surprises to the recipient. But that doesn’t change who we are because essentially we can’t – we are not ours to change no matter what the psychology books may tell you! We can alter a few bits if we go to the right tailor, nothing more.  

It’s an inheritance that perpetuates itself and mutates like a virus over generations of intermingling! Every generation brings a new wave that thinks the previous one messed up the world and they have been born to set it right! But what is right today will be wrong tomorrow – that is a constant until we shift lock stock and barrel (barrel is important) to Mars!

Remember your first birthday? You don’t? Great; because it can cause you nightmares when age becomes a cage and not just a number-crunching and candle burning exercise! It’s not one year later, but the day you were pushed out or extracted into the world – to see its harsh realities through your own eyes, not the eyes of your mother and you cried – yea, that’s exactly why you cried and to make things worse if you didn’t cry, you got a slap on the bottom – your first reality show – to show you who’s Big Boss! And mark my words – there is always one in your life!

People find new ways to celebrate their birthdays every year – public office, public service (the two are not interlinked no matter what anyone may say and many people said many things in this connection this last week), a meal for orphans or Destitutes at an ashram, a party at home or a pub, and sometimes, just an exchange of messages and emojis on social media, as you curl up in front of the TV watching Money heist! Every year on a particular day, you become “one year older, one year wiser” and the older you get, or maybe it’s just the way you look, you get the prefix uncle or aunty! even though you are not actually one and the difference in ages is not more than five. You are already in the Margadarhshak Mandal by default – and you may think, you will constantly be asked for advice and wisdom garnered from your mistakes, until you realise that they would like to make their own mistakes – yours are outdated! Then you may feel ignored and will have to put it down to their ignorance!

As the years pass by we are told that age is just a number and studies have proven that man’s most productive age – not reproductive age – comes after 60. 60, not as in the peg measure, but in the number of years one has spent on earth. Not many believe those studies because it is the age at which most people are compulsorily retired to make way for their mutations and to pursue the life of leisure that often ends abruptly, but sometimes leisurely too – it is the latter that is a cause of concern as they sometimes forget who they’ve been, who they are, why they are here and we constantly cruelly remind them.

In the end, the fire that consumes our bodies is the equaliser that the constitution eternally seeks but never finds; for beyond the fire some have their statues, some their monuments, some their names embossed on all sorts of infrastructure from toilets to pavilions, and some others find themselves in print. But there are so many others who find that the Natraj Eraser (the one we used to use when age was not a number) is very effective.

So, birthdays may not be your own, but the more you have, means the longer you have lived or lingered – that choice too is not yours. Even though it’s not your own to celebrate, you must allow others to celebrate it for you – but don’t forget you will also have to do it in return, because nobody’s birthday is their own – they have integrated it into their thinking! Come to think of it, you will pass from this world when called upon to do so – you can’t say no – and someone else and your identity will be given to some one else – the identity you so assiduously cultivated standing in front of the mirror!

Respect your elders – they never said olders!– we were told as children – they were born before you, and they may die before you, but while they are here, pay obeisance. And so, we do. And sometimes we do not. When we do not, the elders feel hurt and await the day when we will have the same experience – but then, they will not be able to experience their experience. So much for experiential learning!

So, celebrate every birthday you’ll ever have, or get others to do it by dropping subtle hints. It may be your last. If no one turns up, you can have your cake and eat it! What more can you ask for!


This Article is written in the lighter vein. It hopes to bring a smile to your face, and you must not ascribe motives to its contents. There is no connection to events and characters in real life and if perchance you find a connect with any such real-life event or character, rest assured its purely coincidental.

Three letters are enough to tax you!

Most four-letter words are appreciative of human endeavour or emotion and are constantly used for that reason. Love, hate, time, rofl (that’s a new one) etc. are just a few of the many. Today hate is used more than love – people have learned to love to hate, rather than love to love! you hate French fries? I wonder, is it because you can’t love enough? what is there not to love in French fries? They are vegan, fattening, and so awesomely tasty – you can’t eat just one!

If you don’t love, must you hate? There’s nothing in between? Is indifference or enjoying the difference, not an option? Can’t you just live with it in acceptance and peace, with or without a double dose of vaccination, like we have come to do with Covid 19?

But this is not about four-letter words, though one may get an equal opportunity (life is an equal opportunity employer) to use at least one of them (you choose which one you’d use – in this you have a choice but don’t voice it! remember how you learned to count? two in the hand one in the mind?) along with a three-letter word. Well, the smaller the word – one letter can make a huge difference – the more heft it has in our national vocabulary.

Let’s take the three-letter word Tax or its sibling, the acronym that is a word by itself – GST. It’s a much-loved word, and size does not matter – at least not in this case. It’s quite fashionable among the vast array of government functionaries and their allied services – the accountants who tell you how much (the least thankfully), when, what, and how you must pay, but never why; and they are never shy!

Apparently, this three-letter word that spawns a dozen environmentally unfriendly  ‘letters’ both if taxes are paid or unpaid, have been around since the beginning of civilization – If you want to live civilly you pay your taxes (and we will let you live peacefully / civilly) or die violently – that rationale is valid today 4500 years later too. Now though, it is refined  – you can die a slow death pinned down or pinned up to a wall by a slew of regulations that have been coined and administered especially for the purpose. None of which you understand, but you are expected to understand and ensure that you’re understanding, and their understanding is just the same. In a new kind of math – Differences will be additions!

But back to his story – the most loved three-letter word was first used/implemented in Mesopotamia over 4500 years ago, where people paid taxes throughout the year in the form of livestock (the preferred currency at the time). Today too it is the same currency – your life is their stock! And the irony is that the demand for protection money is called extortion. Demand for Tax is called a notice! Have you noticed that one letter can make a difference? it’s the difference between agony and sanguinity?

There is the argument of course that you have to pay for your own betterment and that of your brethren – of course. When you go to the hospital you pay to get better don’t you? but you don’t pay for your brethren! and so your expected return on Investment (ROI) remains intact. And anyway you don’t have a choice.  You may have had to pay for the vaccine too, to prevent or alleviate Covid, had it not been for the supreme court’s queries on pricing and equity – not the Dalal street type, though the ups and downs of the street were partially determined by the vaccine policy! Pokémon! Game on!

So, you pay a slew of taxes on what you earn. But do those to whom you pay taxes , help you earn what you earn? No, but they do give you a license to earn it, without which you cant! and you must be grateful for that small act of mercy! you will soon learn (before you earn), that for every penny you earn, you are already paying a tax in fees for this license or that, or for this regulatory service or that, and that goes in part to pay the salary of those who devise this license  and regulatory methodology and then signs  of on it? Well, what’s wrong with that you may ask. Nothing. It’s perfectly fine, like a fine for wrong parking. After all, employment is key to another three-letter word – GDP! so aptly named because it’s a race to raise it every year by hook or crook! – Come on, Go Desperate People!

So, you pay taxes on your earnings – the refined word, the word that signifies you do nothing to earn it is  income, and it’s called income tax. It’s for your own development of course – so you may earn more and pay more! Well, you have to give up a portion of it only so that you may be able to give a bigger portion in the years to come, or your children may also have enough income to give away a portion. And the rest – well ,you save it wisely for a rainy day and watch it diet itself to death or spend it unwisely on a sunny day. If you are a national, then that’s the way to go – spend and watch the economy grow through other taxes – some of which you may not have heard off even. Save, and watch the economy shrink! Because you will pay less tax won’t you?

Let me put it this way – you cycle to work and around for all your errands – you are not paying a single paisa in taxes – you remain fit in a clean environment so no medical bills, no fuel bills – no contribution to the economy at all! That cannot be the right thing to do, right? If you are a citizen, you must do your duty and contribute effectively!

It’s complicated, isn’t it? But then, that’s just how it’s meant to be. If it were as simple as you earn x, you pay y and your income rests at x-y, well, that would be equitable, and encouraging – a constitutional coup! But no, you have to calculate and tell them how much you owe and then pay it as per their rules; they won’t tell you though it would have been the simplest thing to do! They have all the information at their Digital tips! it’s their rules, your calculations and they get to tell you whether you did it right or wrong – remember that math’s exam? No marks for the process or the intention to get it right; only for the answer! Also, you can’t interpret their rules as you see it, but they can, and will haul you up for not interpreting it the way they think (not know) it should be interpreted. And if there is a difference of opinion you will end up spending even more than the total of your taxes on revaluation by a third party! It’s your university exam all over again! But this time your parents won’t be paying the fees, taxes included.

Simplicity lies in complexity, so much so, the Income Tax Act contains a total of 23 chapters and 298 sections according to the official website of the Income Tax Department of India. These different sections deal with various aspects of taxation in India. The various heads for which you have to pay income tax include Salary, Income from house property, Capital gains, Profit and gains from business or profession, Income from other sources. Anyone can see that it is all income, no matter from where it came, and the common refrain is that there was no ease of earning involved! But then why should there be, when there is no ease of paying taxes either – that’s a good balance some would say.

Were it made simple, the unemployment rate would have gone up significantly and that can’t be good for the economy, can it? There are so many people involved in the processing of  and chasing that three letter word, that a good portion of what is earned from it is spent on getting it! That’s economic activity according to the text books. Some years ago, there was a think tank, which said abolish income tax altogether and introduce banking transaction tax. Another suggestion was to piggyback it on the GST. But the thoughts sadly tanked very quickly and not surprisingly!

Interestingly your calculation based on your interpretation of their rules is to be written up in an answer sheet called Income Tax returns – what it means is that you must return next year! this return is totally different from return on investment. ROI too is also a three letter word, but it pales into insignificance!

This was just a simple calculated interpretation of a popular three letter word in a lighter vein – after all, they say you must  not be taxed while paying your taxes and must pay them with a smile; that is the objective as always, of this column.

I’ll return next week!


This Article is written in a lighter vein. It hopes to bring a smile to your face, and you must not ascribe motives to its contents. There is no connection to events and characters in real life and if perchance you find a connection with any such real-life event or character, rest assured it’s purely coincidental.

The Shape of Me, because of you, Teacher

This is a long celebration of Teachers Day. Unlike Long Covid, you’ll enjoy it! I’m sure!

India has been putting India First for most of the last 7 years. While the world celebrates international Teacher’s Day on the 15th of October, India celebrates it on the 5th of September, which is also the birthday of the famous teacher, academic, philosopher and the second President of India, Shri Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan.

All teachers in India were feted with roses, gifts, hugs, social media posts and PMs (Don’t get me wrong – that’s the acronym of Personal Messages) day before yesterday -because it was their day. Their day to relax and be celebrated by family, friends, and students – if they didn’t have household responsibilities to fulfil and the compulsion to prepare for the virtual world that had become theirs since March 2020. They are in the unique position of having to work from home and at home!  While their tech savviness has increased, the syllabus has decreased! That’s a win-win situation that won’t be allowed to last long! Children may the assets of the nation, but the assets of the school cannot be allowed to idle away!

Teachers teach values, inculcate scientific temper, ingrain physical and mental wellbeing, identify, recognize and nurture talent in their wards who then blossom into all kinds of people – the rich, the famous, the criminal, the gangster, the  savvy businessman who can take a loan without paying it back, the politician, the social server, the fixer, the burglar, the accountant, the government servant, the domestic servant, the artisan, the artist, the artiste, the tax collector, the terrorist, and at the other end of the spectrum, the average lower middle class joe, like you, and me, trying hard to keep the home fires burning.

They all out grow their teacher in some way or the other, like they do their parents, while the teacher remains stuck in the trench he / she created for him / herself to protect him / herself from the bullets of the world, by taking up a teaching job – the same standard of living over time, unfortunately in some cases halved by the Pandemic and its effect on the temples of learning, the same status, the same respect of course, and the same jugalbandi of treating somebody else’s kids and their own – as their own. But they make the world – ask the teacher who taught the entire political science to an individual. Its due to his laudable efforts that we are now headed towards one nation with one body politic!

Given this scenario, I’ve often wondered why a teacher does what he does – with love and passion and, often frustration with the system day in and day out, for close on 35 years of his / her life. Is it the pay? Is it the lack of an alternate option? Is it the satisfaction of seeing someone outgrow you? Is it the respect one gets from the World, when it becomes aware of your profession? Well, an answer to that question will require a survey of teachers, and I picked an American one – the Americans believe they are the leaders of the world, but after Afghanistan, sadly the world doesn’t think so. Anyway, I quote from Ni, Y. & Rorrer, A.K. (2018): Why Do Teachers Choose Teaching and Remain Teachers: Initial Results from the Educator Career and Pathway Survey (ECAPS) for Teachers. Utah Education Policy Center: Salt Lake City, UT because it predates Afghanistan, the answers to the question as to why they became teachers are as noble as the profession or is it that the profession has got a good name because of the teacher’s motives? Judge for yourself.

  • Desire to make a worthwhile difference in the lives of children (85%)
  • Desire to contribute to the greater societal good (70%)
  • Experience working with children/young adults (64%)
  •  Sense of personal achievement (62%), and
  • Subject matter interest or expertise (59%).

The five factors with the lowest combined percentages of “very influential” or “extremely influential” in their decision to become a teacher were:

  • Retirement benefits (22%).
  • Insurance benefits (18%)
  • Participation in early career program during my high school years (6%)
  • Lack of other available job opportunities (4%), and
  • Salary (3%)

While I rest my case – it’s a brief case and quite light – I must say that the Indian surveys may provide different results, but I really don’t think it will be much different, because the pay and benefits arising from the teaching profession (except perhaps at the PhD level, where there are alternative methods of increasing pay) are limited like everywhere; so there must be another motivation.

The interesting thing is that teachers don’t follow Abraham Maslow’s theory of hierarchical needs. They go straight to level 3 Love and Belonging, then climb in self-esteem and elevate themselves to their level of Actualization. Thank God for that, else students would be out of pocket very quickly and look to filling it up very quickly after leaving school! They still do out of medical school!

Given the inverse measure of intention to serve vs the pay for service, one must teach both outside and inside school. Evening and weekend classes are for everybody, both teachers and students alike. Apparently, it’s not the schools that Make India the powerhouse of intellect that drives America including, ironically the White House, but these evening and weekend classes. That’s in-tuition for you! They are important for Atmanirbharta in more ways than one. They are the back end and front end of the Education ERP!

The Education system in India is a Public Private partnership.  Like in any marriage, there is tension and one upmanship, and the better half is always the latter. It is the educated who know how to make money from Education – or is it? But experiments with truth in some states are slowly altering the balance and the marriage is beginning to look more equal! But the concept of the more you pay, the better the product will remain ingrained for a long time to come. It’s the same as in Puma vs Amup shoes! Both made in the same factory in Vietnam!

But the teacher is no longer a Guru as was the case in the days of yore. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica (Guru, (Sanskrit: “venerable”) in Hinduism, is a personal spiritual teacher or guide. From at least the mid-1st millennium BCE, when the Upanishads (speculative commentaries on the Vedas, the revealed scriptures of Hinduism) were composed, India has stressed the importance of the tutorial method in religious instruction. In the educational system of ancient India, knowledge of the Vedas was personally transmitted through oral teachings from the guru to his pupil (pupils were always male in that period). Classically, the pupil lived at the home of his guru and served him with obedience and devotion.

Today’s teacher, or for that matter, student, doesn’t have that opportunity. They have at least 80 students per class and naturally they cannot live at the teacher’s house as they did long past. It’s like Lays – you can’t eat just one! because there are just tooooo many. What becomes of them after they leave school though is anybody’s guess – which is the western way of saying karma!

The tag line of the hit 1967 film ‘To Sir with love’, starring Sidney Poitier, goes like this: “A story as fresh as the girls in their minis, and as cool as their teacher had to be”.  It’s the story of a teacher who became one not by choice, but by circumstance, moulding a class of hyperactive students rejected by other schools into achievers, and more importantly human beings. He remained a teacher for life.

But it is what prompted me to write this poem dedicated to all teachers. It first appeared in my article “To Sir with love”. Its been modified since.

It’s called ‘Despite Me’!

It’s been so long since I’ve been to school

And I marvel now, that if I didn’t,

Would people have thought me a fool?

Maybe, maybe not,

Coz life too has been a teacher

And has taught me a lot.

But my parents weren’t all that cool,

And despite my protests they sent me to school

And all I can say, it started there

My learning of life, for life

My lack of ability laid thread bare.

I had thought I was really good,

Didn’t realise could be bad nor better,

Till my teacher one day,

Was terribly rude.   I then asked my mother,

But what did I do?

At home till then, I was

a rising star, allowed my every mood.

But my teacher, she was rude,

but also good

Like a potter, she moulded me

Like a shepherd, she herded me

Leading me to where I’d be

Were it not for me.

But then, my parents had already paid my fee.

I’m grateful now, for I’ve become

What once I thought I’d never be

Because of her, and despite me.

Thank you teacher, for setting me free!

After you finished moulding me…

My school days are over, and respect has replaced the fear of failure. Respect for the struggles of my teachers to make me a better person. My first-grade report card read “Studious and Industrious but can do better”. All the teachers try to do is to make you a better person – at sports, at studies, at relationships and in your values. They don’t succeed in all of these all the time – there are many reasons – lack of time, infrastructure, multiplicity of tasks, lack of interest or willingness on the part of the student, and sometimes interference from the parents, but they don’t stop trying.  Many would argue that they are paid for doing just that, but my experience both as a student and as a parent is that they never stop trying.  For many if not all, it is a lifelong vocation, not merely a profession and we doff our hats to them. But that’s not all we must do, every Teacher’s Day.

It’s also self – belief of the student as can be seen from the story of Teacher’s whisky which dates to more than 175 years ago, when the new ‘Excise Act’ was introduced in Scotland, and William Teacher a 19-year-old, former-cotton mill worker with an uncompromising attitude and a whole barrelful of self-belief created the one of the largest selling Whisky brands in the world. Often it is used for celebrations – except on Teachers Day!

India is different. It’s a land crazy about degrees and percentages with little respect for education and knowledge, and a teacher who tries to impart the latter is often berated for his / her involvement beyond the call of duty by students and parents alike; realization dawns much later, when lack of employability among the qualified but uneducated peaks. 

No doubt, as time goes on, the tribe of those who believe teaching is a profession vs those who believe it’s a vocation will increase because of the nature of India’s demography and economy; this would be to the detriment of the nation; the government must make efforts through certifications, accreditations and rewards to sustain teaching as a vocation rather than allow it to deteriorate into a profession which at best can get you qualified, but will never qualify you.

Thank you, Teacher, for the shape of me. Round is a shape, but I’m well rounded – that’s next level!


This Article is written in the lighter vein. It hopes to bring a smile to your face, and you must not ascribe motives to its contents. There is no connection to events and characters in real life and if perchance you find a connect with any such real-life event or character, rest assured its purely coincidental.