Online Covid test – coming soon to a screen near you!

Everything is online these days – Meetings, School, Friends, Shopping, Govt, or lack of it, Bills etc. You don’t really need to step out of your house, unless you want to contact and contract Corona. But you still do.

One of the reasons is the RT-PCR test – the one where you wait in line at the hospital for a test and in a separate line for the result. You can’t get the test online. Doctor’s consultation maybe, but not the test. For a virtual swab of your nose will only discover a dense jungle, and your throat? Well, its best left to your camera and imagination!

The other reason is the Tika – there is no utsav in that unless you step out with a bunch of friends for a Tika followed by a Tikka (read in persian please)!

The RT- PCR test itself involves a swab tour of your nostril. Sometimes it’s a gentle swirl, sometimes a hard twirl around the city of the virus’s dreams….

But what if it’s done online?  All the camera will get to see by way of verification is a jungle – an important jungle that’s yet to be cut down for development. It is what causes the climate change in your body!

The Camera will not be able to see any development there or down under when you open your mouth!  You don’t know what you are going to say in the current circumstances – when you’d like to stay home, stay safe as they tell you on the telephone, but are called in for an RT-PCR test to mingle with the best of the virus mutants, because you have symptoms of a mutant and cant sit mute about them any longer,  or your neighbour has done it, and is asking you – kiya kya?

You lose out either way. All along you’ve been a positive guy, and now everyone wants you to be negative – like “Indiranagar ka Gunda”!

And so you are, thank the Almighty for that for only he can alter the ions.

Of course, there is the lab technician too, who can do that – for a fee.

You choose

Published by

Brian Fernandes

Brian is VO artist, Content Writer, Ad Copy Writer, a very productive author with a wide and varied output, an EQ and Leadership Trainer, a life skills Coach, a manager and a leader, with a visible track record. Brian is currently a Director of the Spearhead Media Pvt. Ltd, a Media Company that owns and runs media brands,, Karnataka Today, NK+ and NKTv a web based video channel, Verdevice - a Branding powerhouse and Spearhead Academy - a digital platform that offers short term learning solutions for personal growth Brian is an alumnus of Roshni Nilaya’s Post Graduate School of Social Work, HR Department and has 35 years of local and international HR and General Management experience. He is NET Certified for lectureship and has recently qualified as MEPSC Level 5 Trainer. Journalism , poetry, and Fiction and Feature writing is a passion which he is now able to pursue at will. Additionally, he loves compering and hosting talk shows. Its all in a day’s work for him. He loves learning and imparting it; so, when time permits, he provides leadership facilitation and soft skills training to Postgraduate students and Corporates in Mangalore and Bangalore. He is an accomplished Toastmaster under the aegis of the and is a designated Distinguished Toast Master. He is also the Internal Quality council member of his Alma Mater Roshni Nilaya and a member of the Board of Studies of the English Department, St. Agnes College for PG studies, Mangalore.

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